About Me

I consider myself a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, but other similar titles may include an Operations Engineer or a Site Reliability Engineer (S.R.E.). I have over five years of experience working with deployment pipelines, APIs, and cloud-based infrastructure. Outside of project planning, mentoring, and writing infrastructure as code, I also focus on cultivating a DevOps environment within my product and engineering teams. I also dabble in website development in Ruby on Rails and Jekyll/Liquid. For more information on my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn.

Languages & Frameworks

Ruby, Terraform, Git, Bash, Go, Yaml/JSON, Ruby on Rails, Ansible, HTML/CSS, Jekyll/Liquid, Javascript, GitHub/GitLab API, AWS-SDK and AWS CLI

Software, Operating Systems, & Tools

macOS, Linux, Google Suite, VS Code, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes/EKS/ECS, Datadog, Digital Ocean, New Relic, Splunk, Google Cloud Platform


Self-motivated, loves to learn and learns quickly, detail-oriented, dedicated organized, problem solving skills, agile methodologies, collaboration kills, pair programming, communication skills, strong work-ethic, time management skills, leadership skills


Tech Talks


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